Thursday, May 24, 2007

Still no pictures

...but it's only cuz I've been trying to keep up with graphic design stuff, and running out for lunch and not really sitting anywhere. And then I got stuck on the subway going to The Sun's violin class yesterday, so by the time I got to him he was already half into his lesson. Then the train was too packed to sit down. Excuses excuses, I know, but those are all very good sketching opps.

Later, I had a small amount of success in the "getting what I want" department, but of course nothing is ever simple and it brings up a whole lot of questions, mainly in myself. Well, not even questions. Answers I don't want. I really need that tattoo, but it can't happen this week due to budgetary constrictions.


Well... I have a boatload of stuff to finish today so I'm off to do it.

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