Oh. My. God.

My patience and resolve to not get emotionally involved are being sorely tested. Don't like the Vampire Bitch, and that BigKahuna Bitch is a freakin' psycho.

I might be able to handle the day better if it were sunny, but there is high fog in NYC today and so it's grey out. And the Voices are not being kind to me; pecking at my self esteem like crows, shredding my enthusiasm for myself and my life.

"Bubbles and Fireflies, Bubbles and Fireflies...."


Nina said…
Ah, my dear, sometimes we have to find or make our own bubbles and butterflies--or is that fireflies? ;)

Maybe if you purposely struck up a conversation with someone you like for a moment, you could get a little sunny energy? And give some, as well. :)

Remember, we love you!
The Bear Maiden said…
LOL. Thanks, sweetie. And thanks for checking on me. :)

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