Every Day in May #4

Well, I'm not happy with this at all; today was hectic, and then we had a meeting with our (highly likely) future boss. Then my boss and I went to lunch trade our observations on the guy. Afterwards, I went looking for Poppy in the dialysis center, but he'd already left. I felt bad so I walked around to see if I could catch up with him. When I couldn't, I went and sat in the sun in the little plaza on 2nd Avenue and 95th street. This is where I started to draw this, but then I got called by the job and had to head back. Also, my pen was really crappy.

But; I drew something, and it made me resolve to really start to get *good* things out of this create-something-every-day challenge... so there's tomorrow.

I'm really tired and there's stuff to do tomorrow, so I'm going to bed...


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