A Win-Win-Win

I got what I wanted... my Sun back on Sunday night, not Monday morning though I had to extend it to 10P from 9P (and the usual return time is 8P), the Sun gets what he wanted... to see his dad, and TF got to talk to me. (Ha ha!)

What the big deal was and how it got resolved I have to tell you later on today, because I'm exhausted and sorely need sleep. Plus, it's definitely going to be one of those "spaghetti" posts... things all wrapped around each other. A little preview (mainly to remind myself of the things I want to say): a.)I "get" the story of Abraham and Isaac now, in a way I never "got it" before, because today I had a glimpse of unconditional faith, and it's sort of funny that I was reminded of this story cuz the Fat Lady and I were talking about it just the other day and b.) something my sister said right before it all got resolved, which was "sometimes it doesn't matter how it gets there as long as the end result is achieved". Or words to that effect.

But it's been a really long week with very little sleep.


Jacqueline said…
oh sure, sure... I sit here with baited breath waiting the story.... hmph! ;-)

hope you got some much-needed sleep.

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