Because I'm Crazy....

I'm actually considering taking the Sun to the Golden Gate International Martial Arts Tournament in April. Yeah I know, Shoefly, I got no job. But when has that ever stopped me from doing anything?

Besides, the Senseis think he should go. It seems to be about points... you accumulate a certain amount of points by going to certain tournaments, and then at the end when you go to SuperGrands, you have a seat.

You think this is a mindless hobby? I think not... I keep telling people I am an all-or-nothing chick, and I never do anything (not even blog... trust me I have an Ultimate Goal) without a reason. However insane that reason is. So the reasons are:

  • I can't afford college. I assume TF is saving for the Sun (but knowing him, it'll come with strings), and I've re-started his fund, but whatever money I had put into when I was working I took out when I sent myself to school.

  • The way the world works, as far as I can see, is that you need at least a BS degree to do anything. Gone are the days of getting by on a HS diploma (or a GED, unless you have a plan). And a BS is really not enough... in New York state you need a Masters to teach school (not that I disagree, but damn!). And a "brand-name" BS is better than anything, despite what public education advocates try to tell you. It's why I chose Pratt. Poor people can't afford brand name college, so when you're Livin' La Vida Low Budget, you need a scholarship.

  • The Sun has two things going for him... Martial Arts and Music. He fights me on both, but one of them will stick, I hope. So he either needs a scholarship to a music college, or he needs a scholarship to the University of Bridgeport (which isn't that far from here so it'll cut travel costs). But both of those talents require a plan, money for lessons, tournaments, etc.

Which is why I'm considering a trip to San Jose. Do I know anybody out there? From blogworld or Other? If I do, holla. We may need a place to stay...


Fat Lady said…
Hey, I understand your reasons - it's why I dish out the time and/or money for tennis, theater, chorus, gymnastics, percussion, violin...

I mean, Sugar loves all that stuff - and that makes all the difference. I certainly wouldn't push her into any of it. But when she begs to get into something and show both interest and talent - I go with it. I know that by middle school one or two of these will really stick and she'll be able to develop that particular talent into a college scholarship.

Plus, I have the added interest in her being too busy to get into too much trouble when she hits her teenage years. I figure, if she can manage to find the time to discover trouble and get into it and keep it hidden from me while she's doing all this stuff - then more power to her.

As long as it doesn't run across my living room.

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