Thursday, December 15, 1977

Pop+Mom Anniv
Psalm 49
Day 28

Got up medium. Dressed. Had a talk with mom about growing up. Practiced my recorder. Ate breakfast. Wrote [Christmas] cards to people in Jamdown. Went shopping. Came back. Helped cook. Mom+Pops fussed about sewing, then they made up. T. Made ann. cards for them. Ate Put on p.j's went to bag. Thank you, Mr. O.

I ate:
  • Breakfast: 2 3/4 granola cookies, 1 cup honey tea, 1 1/4 tangerine, 3 walnuts, pnuts
  • Lunch: pnuts
  • Dinner: Spaghetti, soy nuts+ground beef+kidney beans+onion+green pepper+garlic sauce, tomato+lettuce salad.
  • Dessert: pineapple chunks+figs+banana salad, figs, pnuts, neighborhood cookies

This past December, the parents anniversary fell on a Saturday. I'd called to talk to Bigbear, and forgotten to say Happy Anniversary. When I remembered, I called her back. "Happy Anniversary", I said. She cracked up laughing... she'd completely forgotten. "Poppy! Poppy! Do you know what today is?" she asked. I heard Poppy mumble something in the background. Bigbear laughed again... he too had forgotten.

It was their 45th anniversary.

Friday, December 16, 1977
Psalm 50
Day 29

Got up medium. Dressed. Practiced my recorder. Had a (?) practice-fuss. It's hard for a12-year-old. Then we went to A&P on 8th Avenue. Came back. Helped with cooking. Then all four of us went to the park Had a long swing. Came back. Ate supper. Put on p.j's after helping pops with dishes. Went to bag. Thank you, Mr. O.

I didn't write down food that day...

It was hard for a 12-year-old... especially when she HATED playing the recorder.

Saturday, December 17, 1977

Psalm 51
Day 30

Got up medium. Dressed. Going to have Sabbath School. Listened to radio, ate lunch. Rested played in T's box. Then ate supper. Put on p.j.'s Went to bag. Thank you,Mr. O.

I ate:
  • Dinner: Corn chips, chicken spread, lettuce+romaine dressing salad, cucumber+(?)and carrot salad, neighborhood cookies.
  • Snack: neighborhood cookies, soy nuts, dried apples, brazil nuts, soy nuts, figs, orange
  • peanuts with the lunch.


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