Celebrity Apprentice

is one of those things that I watch cringing, peeking through my hands. I thought the very first season was pretty good, and reminded me so much of places I used to work, that I had a REALLY hard time getting through it. Then I stopped watching. This season, I kept one eye on it because of Vinnie Pastore, who happens to live not far from me. He keeps a low profile, being kind of a strange dude, and this is a quiet nabe and most folks leave him alone. Except one morning I was out early (for some reason... cuz I'm rarely out early) and I saw him prowling the streets, obviously looking for coffee. Some guy in a car passing by yelled out "Big Pusseeeeeyyyy!" and I thought to myself, wow sucks to have to live with that first thing in the morning!

Well, Vinnie quit the show tonight. And he did it in a pretty classy way, I thought, and it gave me a whole new perspective of him. And I got a HUGE kick out of the show producers ending the episode with Journey's "Don't Stop" the same way "Sopranos" ended. It just made me laugh...


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