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oddly enough. Or maybe again, so much ruminating that not much is escaping. The other day, I called Fat Lady up to scream about TF and his lawyer. I was so angry, so outraged that I wanted to punch somebody. I wrote an email to my lawyer documenting what I did on the 15th and the 21st, but I told her really, this has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with Power and Control... TF, seeking to regain power of me and what I do. I told her I don't have to answer to him, and I won't. I don't care if he signs a visitation agreement. If he wants to see the Sun, and he lets me know in advance, and it doesn't interfere with anything and he can confirm everything by email, he'll see him. If he won't, then I simply won't do it. I asked her "what happens if I start saying no to everything?" Five years later, he wants to celebrate "his" holidays? Whatever.

Fat Lady said it was only designed to piss me off, which is true, but the problem is is that if his lawyer wants to yeast everything up, it can get to be a big deal. But, I'm not going to stress it too much... if they *want* to get into a religious debate, bring it on. If he's simply trying to mess with me, well, he ends up paying for it, not me.

Oh... there was big news. The Diva almost died.

The other day I'd made ackee and saltfish cuz I had a craving for it. The Sun will only eat but so much, so I had leftovers. Yesterday, I sent the Sun off to school with Shoefly, and came back and went to bed since I was fighting a cold (I won, for a change). But then I had to go down to get the Sun from school and take him to karate, so I heated up the leftovers and split it with the Diva. She was trying to leave the house cuz Tiny One had a doctor's appointment, so I left to get on the 2:50 (ish) bus. She told me her stomach was burning. I called her from the bus to tell her the next bus was at 3:15. She said she was a little itchy. When I got to the train, she was on the bus, and she called me to say she was definitely itchy. I told her get off and get some Benadryl from CVS, but she didn't have any money.

Right before the subway went underground, Bigbear called me. The Diva had called her, in a panic. She had hives. I said "I just spoke to her, and she was itchy". I confess to not being too sympathetic, mainly cuz I was annoyed the Diva was walking without any money, and she should have gotten some Benadryl.

The train takes about a half hour to the stop where the Sun's school is, and when I got off the train, there was another message from Bigbear... the Diva was DEFINITELY having a reaction to something, and Bigbear was going to meet her at the subway and give her cabfare to go to the hospital.

The Professor called me as I walked with the Sun to catch the bus to Yonkers... they were finally stabilizing the Diva. Her whole body had swollen up, her throat was closing, her blood pressure was dropping, her hands had turned blue. The Diva told me today that she felt like if she closed her eyes, she wasn't going to wake up, so she kept talking, rambling, keeping herself awake. Her body felt like it was on fire, and she itched from the top of her head to the bottom of her feet. The doctors (must be interns) had no idea what ackee was, and were frantically trying to look it up on the internet. Meantime, they were pumping her full of every antihistamine they could think of, put her on oxygen and were monitoring her vitals. Once they got her settled ("I guess no more ackee for YOU!" the Jamaican nurse said) the Professor took Tiny One upstairs for his doc's appointment with Dr. B, who has been the family pediatrician since the Professor and I took a baby Diva to her for her first check up. The Professor told Doctor B that they wanted Tiny One to have a full battery of tests for allergies, seeing as how he'd had a recent bout with "asthma" and his mother was downstairs having a major reaction to something.

She got out of the hospital last night; they only kept her for 6 hours to make sure she was OK. She came back here today. She's still a little puffy and a little itchy, but she's OK. I offered her dinner but she was hesitant. Turns out she's allergic to beef, too (which I had). So she just ate potatoes and spinach. TinyOne was already asleep, since the Professor had driven her home.

I'm glad she's OK. Poor baby. I'm a little annoyed that she doesn't keep up with her epi pen, but I guess she'll do it now.

Today, I lived La Vida Low Budget with the Fat Lady and Lilac Blue. And Spice. It must be noted that Lilac Blue bought a dress. I've known her for as long as our kids have been in school, and have never ever seen her looking the least bit girly. So I'm writing this, in case she reads my blog, to publicly rag on her. But I have to say, she looked really cute and girly in a dress. It's just not anything I'm used to seeing...

I bought my Elfa shelves from the Container Store for my room. Can't afford them, not even on a good day. But I think they will help get me organized, and if I'm organized in my inner sanctum, maybe it can spread outward. Because I'm running out of time... I've got to pull it together quickly cuz I'm going to be in deep waters very soon... drat it all.

I'd much rather be home...


Jacqueline said…
ohmygosh! Poor Diva! how very scary! Thank God she is all right. I know every one is living under La Vida Low Budget but would she ever consider eventually looking into NAET treatments?

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