Sunday, October 9, 1977

Psalm 132

Got up late. Dressed. Watched TV, after doing the chores and pops came back from getting the paper. The Times cost 35 cents, same price as Gleaner, it's the same size of the daily news and about 4 or 5 times as thick. Mom started too cook. Ate, and rest for an hour. Then went for a walk, came back, put on p.j.s, ate a snack, watched T.V. and went to bed. Thank you Mr. O, thank you.

The Weekly Summary said:

"A good week, though most of our weeks are good"

The Gleaner was Jamaica's "serious" paper. The Daily News was more on the "common" level.

I was thinking that as much upheaval as there was during this time, and as foreign as everything was, for me, NY was a lot easier to adjust to than Chicago. Maybe because people were a lot more helpful... Aunt Sinah in particular.


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