As For The Other Stuff...

I'll try to work through it over the next few days. It's up, it's down. It is what it is. And some of what it isn't.

But I keep thinking about love. The kind of love that lasts 38 years or 45 years. The kind of love that's just fleeting. The kind of love that makes people stay together despite miscegenation laws. The love of a mother for her child, or a father for his son. And the unconditional love a child will feel for his parent, no matter what that parent does.

I say frequently that I'm an Equal Opportunity Hater, and I am, because people annoy the crap out of me on a regular basis, and it doesn't matter if they look like me or don't. I show no preference. But underneath all that, I love passionately and deeply, and I love being around people who love each other. Sappy love stories always make me cry, which is why I never watch them.

I have to try to sort through all the various stories in my head. I hate when it gets like this, like a giant bowl of spaghetti. Several, very different things have happened over the last week and I've been mulling them over in my head, but the job is crazy, and if I sit down to write at night I'll never get to bed. I also have some freelance shit I REALLY ought to do. And it sucks. Cuz the thoughts and stories are tumbling over each other in my head like puppies... but the "sauce"... the thing that all these stories have in common is love, or the lack thereof.

I hope I get to write them...


Ros said…
Being around people who love each other:

One night He Who Shall Not Be Named and I were in Noodles & Co., about 8 on a Sunday night, so it was practically empty. Pretty much at the same moment we got quiet . . . we were both watching an elderly couple nearby. He was tenderly feeding her soup cause she couldn't feed herself. And the way the lighting was, it was almost like a spotlight focused on them, and time froze for a moment while *** said softly to me, "I wish I had my camera." I, of course, wished that *** and I would end growing old together like that. But still, that picture in my mind -- love that last 38 or 45 years.

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