Saturday October 29, 1977

Psalm 2
Day 18

Got up late. Dressed. Aunt Sinah called and she and Mama fussed. Had Sabbath School. Watched TV. Ate lunch. Rested. got up. Watched the last 2 races at Aqueduct on TV. I got both winners - Coxes Ridge and I can't remember the other's name. Going to put on p.j.'s. Might have a snack, watch TV and go to bed. Thank you, Mr. O

See, I'd occasionally try to keep up my racing habit here in the States, but it was impossible. Too many horses, too many tracks.

I don't remember what my mother and Aunt Sinah fussed about.


S.K. said…
I've been ignoring Kelly for a while but this song is tooo funny. Real Talk.

....and I love singing "Bish I wish you would" to people. Crackes me up!!

Love your new pic BTW.

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