A Lot Can Happen

...in a few hours.

I successfully boycotted V-Day for most of the day. There was too much going on anyhow. The Professor took Poppy to the ER cuz he had an abscess that broke. This is when the (idiot) docs decided to check for infection, determining his body is probably rejecting the mesh used to rebuild his abdomen wall. Check out my previous post.

Poppy had begun to fade. I didn't tell anybody cuz I didn't want to add to the panic, but I'd spoken to him Tuesday and didn't recognize his voice. AT ALL. The only reason I didn't check my number was cuz I'd dialed the house specifically to speak to him, and had spoken to BigBear first, who had then passed the phone to him. He'd gone to work, forgetting his Vicoden. Was in so much pain he had to lay on a couch while he taught and made it home to collapse. Not cool.

And I knew in my gut it was an infection. The last time he had crazy back pain he'd had a mad staph infection. When he went to the surgeon for a check up on Friday... even with a report of high white blood cell count.. and he even showed a swelling to the nurse, nobody picked up on it. A friend out here on the rock just lost his 49 year old wife to an infection she developed after a surgery. I kept urging for Poppy to see a primary care physician, someone trained to connect the dots. Even I tried to find him one. The insurance website was slow as shit AND didn't come up with anyone, and the ones the Professor had called said they weren't taking new patients.

Whatever. Once he got in, he perked up and I'm quite sure we'll have him around for another 20 years. He's alive right now cuz he was determined to fight for life.

So between Poppy and the cat and a trip to Target with Shoefly, the Day went pretty fast. And at the last minute I decided NOT to stand up CNC and I met her at the bar across the street. I was suddenly very pissed about the whole V-Day thing.

"Make it a double" I told the bartender when I decided on 1800 (all they have out here on the Rock in the way of tequila is 1800 or Jose Cuervo), and he did so, and stuck a straw in it.

And it was all down hill from there... CNC and I ended up in the dreaded WeirdBar down the block... me, her, and two other drunk and lonely Spanish women. Plus the owner, two local men and an old chick. But between the drunk Spanish chicks and CNC and myself, we had a grand old time, playing salsa and merengue on the jukebox and singing at the top of our lungs. It's amazing the Spanish I can sing when I'm drunk.

They introduced me to this song... and I am in love again:

Mmm mmm mmm..... made my whole damn night.

Came home and passed out in front of the computer watching it again and again... and what of it?

Five shots of 1800 (I'm pretty sure... I don't think it was more than that) is a little harsh. 1800 is not my favorite tequila and I woke up slow today. The Sun had stayed with the moon and the cat was gone and I was quite alone. And completely unproductive. The washing machine is dying... it leaves little scrapes of plastic amongst the clothes... so I should have gone to the laundromat but SO didn't feel like it.

But I cleaned the bathroom and and made bacalao. Not enough, I know. And you know, I felt guilty cuz I should have been working on stuff for the Fabulous. That's funny...

And despite my annoyance about the situation he's still a work partner and I still think he's Fabulous. And I know I have a tendency to be an ass about stuff so I'm trying to grow up a little and just let things be what they are. And accept them for what they are... but it's fucking hard. I'm secretly an instant-gratification kind of chick and really don't like it when I can't get what I want when I want it. But there's something about him that's worth being friends for... kind of like Nene who I still adore and still count as a friend. So I hope that whatever happens I'm capable of keeping this friend as well.

I've got another post to write about the over-written Chris Brown/Rihanna story... but it's more a confession on my part. I told the story to CNC the other night and realized it's actually pretty funny, in a not-funny-at-all kind of way. But later... as usual I'm nightcrawling way too late...


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