So One Thing Led To Another

and I went with the Fabulous to an exhibit downtown Thursday evening. The Sun was still away at camp, and I was determined to have a night out while he was gone. It turned out that some of the artists showing work the night before at Hostos were also showing work at this place, and many of the same viewers were there as well. Just on a whim I'd brought my camera, and shooting at 1600 the light was pretty good and the beer was flowing and the company was great and I got some good pictures.

And then I met Adhali and she asked me to come to another exhibit her friend Frankie was curating and opening on Saturday because their photographer backed out, and I said sure. There was no money in it but you never know.

...something Fabulous always happens when I'm around the Fabulous...

The Sun came back from camp on Friday an inch taller, dirty faced and slightly smelly. I brought him home right away and he vegged on the couch till bedtime. He spoke to his dad, and I guess he wasn't raving with excitement so SD wanted to talk to me: "Is he OK?" "He's fine" I said. "Just exhausted".

Ugh. What does he think? I'm beginning to feel him creep into my psyche again and I realized again that truce notwithstanding I can never ever get too close. Like a Vampire, once you let him in you can't get him out.

We didn't go to karate on Saturday; there was another promotion at the other dojo and class at our dojo was canceled. So we vegged all day. I couldn't get a firm commitment from any of my friends to come into the city with me to take these pictures, so I hit up the Fabulous. He had a birthday party later but he said he'd come with me for a bit.

I met him at his job as he was getting off, and him, me and another co-worker of his rode crosstown in a cab to the gallery/bar.

I think I got some decent pictures... I hate using a flash because it's so disruptive, so I went through first taking as many stealth pictures but it was hard... it was darker there than it was at the other gallery on Thursday, so I had to resort to the flash. And even though it was really dark I don't point my flash directly at my subject but rather point it upwards, which is also problematic because in a really dark place with a not-so-strong-flash, the top half of the photo tends to be brighter than the darker half. But it's not as disruptive and I still got some decent pictures. I hope.

Turns out one of the artists exhibiting there was mainly a tattoo artist named Byron Velasquez... and I love tats and so I'll give him a plug. His work is crazy... right up my alley. A little digging revealed he's gotten some press so that means he's probably out of my price range but one day... one day I'll have it like that and he can do my tat.

I was feeling pretty good; the Sun was at the Moon's house and I hadn't expected to stay out too long. But at about 10:30 I get a text from SD asking me "Please go get the Sun". I texted back "I'm working. You talked to him? I'm taking pix for someone..."

I started feeling really stressed... but then I remembered "Oh yeah. Court is done. I have custody. You're a thousand miles away and it's none of your business other than the fact you want to control me. Fuck you." So I ended it by saying most nights the Sun goes to bed early but tonite I'm working, and anyway I check in with Shoefly.

Excet TF called Shoefly. She shut him down, too.

I have to remember to keep my distance. There's a truce but we'll never be friends.

Being Fabulous is a little confusing, a little conflicting. One the one hand it drives me crazy but on the other hand it's just as well it's where it's at.

I dunno. There's still Fostercare...


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