Saturday August 13, 1977

Psalm 76

Got up late. Showered, dressed. Fed Greta and Guerly. Sat with Mom + Pop. Heard "Colgate Cavity Fighters Club" for the last time. Had a little Sabbath lesson. Ate, rested. T was acting obnoxious. Mom came and talked to us. Late in the evening, all four of us walked to biscayne. Tried to call Mamabelle, but she wasn't there. Came back. Ate supper, after putting on PJ's. Went to bed.

I ate:
  • Dinner: Carrot+avocado pear+tomato+sardine+sweet pepper salad, guacamole, breadfruit.
My sister looks at this time with sadness, but I think I had already learned the art of "shutting down". I remember being sad; especially when we were trying to decide who to give what to, and I wanted to collect addresses to write people. But some of the friends we had there weren't exactly the "letter-writing" type, and once we left, that was it. Never heard from them ever again. But for the most part, having already been through a big move (Paris to Jamaica) and having pretty clear memories of it, I was able to go through the motions..


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