And Other Times

...I do venture out of my head and my own issues enough to care about the world around me and what happens in it.

I don't have TV now, at all. And radio sucks so I mostly don't listen. I only have time and money for the free paper and so totally missed Haiti's earthquake until well after the news has broken.

Today I watched the reports on and, and was reminded of Katrina. I am saddened... a friend wondered why God would allow this to happen, and remembering Poppy's words that God "doesn't keep you out of trouble, He GETS you out of trouble" I told him that we do these things to ourselves.

I know we don't cause earthquakes... but we DO settle in places where earthquakes are known to hit, we build structures that can tumble, we erect and allow corrupt politics and governments to continue to rule over people and keep people destitute so that when disaster strikes the poor and the sick and the needy conveniently suffer the most.

My heart goes out to Haiti... and to those people who have family and friends there, who don't know who's alive or not... I wonder if they will or can recover faster than New Orleans did from Katrina? Because reports are that New Orleans still hasn't recovered. New Orleans and Haiti share a lot of the same issues...


but I mostly care what happens to me, and at the moment well... I keep feeling that my life is going to change in a very big way, and I only hope the change isn't horrifically difficult. My sister dropped an idea on me that I am seriously pondering, and today I got a summons from Capital One that they are suing me for what I owe them, and I got a certified letter in the mail from my landlord. At just about the same time; I went downstairs to get served by the very nice brownskinned and sorrowful process server, and picked the slip out of the mailbox for the landlord's letter.

I need cash.

So does Haiti.

But at the moment God forgive me cuz I'm slightly more worried about myself than Haiti, though my T-shirt company very happy and humbly donated $20 to Americares...


Last Friday I went to the doc and my foot looks like this:

... and next Monday the pin comes out....


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