Just Keep Swimming...

So probably less than an hour after I posted BigBear called up and offered to help pay ConEd, for which I'm grateful. And later in the day I accepted an offer from Upstairs Neighbor to help keep Landlord off my back.

Do I like being here? Hell no. But I was here before and I got out... so I hope/know I have to get out again. I don't like owing family.

The Sun's school had their annual BookFair/Fundraiser at Barnes & Noble today. We usually have a theme, and this time was "Book Publishing Party" in which our kids get up and read their own work. Very few were nervous... egged on by the applause they couldn't wait to get up and read. By the time they're teenagers I'm quite sure none of them would sign up or volunteer, much less show up to read, but there they were. It was cute. The Sun's story started out "My dad picked me up at the precinct. No, I wasn't arrested".

A newer parent unfamiliar with the drama that was the War with SD leaned over and asked me "why was he at the precinct?" and I laughed and told him. I still get freaked out thinking that it wasn't that long ago. Later I asked the Sun why didn't he expound on that part of the story... he said "It's too long, Mom. I'd have to start when I was three."
"Three!?" I asked. "You still remember all that?"
"Yeah. I was three cuz I still liked Thomas the Tank Engine."

That was the incident where the Sun saw his dad shoving me and me trying to claw his face off, and to keep him from walking in SD had put on a Thomas the Tank Engine video for him to watch. I remember seeing his little face that day, and by the expression I knew it was something he would never forget. But the rest of it I managed to keep from him.

After the kids read we bought some books. And then a bunch of us went a few doors down to Pizzeria Uno to eat; as part of the fundraiser a portion of the tab was also donated to the school. The kids all sat at a long table, and the adults scattered around. TomCat was there with PracticalMama and her family which was a little interesting for me, but I've managed to shut all that down except sometimes very early in the morning before I got to sleep and it hits me. But most of the time it's just locked up, now.

Besides, there's the Fabulous to wonder about...

And speaking of, later on I took the first step on my new joint project with Faca... once he gets to look at it and tell me what he thinks, I'll unveil it.

So life goes on... can't keep a good bitch down for long...


Becky said…
I'm with you there, Bear. Just keep roaring. I get too much money for health care, which I'm desparate for. I don't get enough food stamps for a diabetic. I live in a POS house that has seen better days but really can't afford to move. No money for deposits and crap like that. Sun is very bright. I've known that for a very long time. I miss you on EPM so much. I really need to use my phone to call you, just to make sure you are ok. IFKALP lives far enough away from you to allow you to do what is right for you and the Sun. G-d, family, others, self...Put G-d first and He'll provide what you and the Sun need. Good luck, mon amie.
The Bear Maiden said…
You called me, didn't you????? I couldn't figure out who it was, but now I know it was you.

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