BailOut Package For The Little People

Hell fucking no, it's not the government.

I had to go to FoodStamps yet again today, to give them proof that my 9 year old lives with me. They wanted a letter with his name and address on it. He's fucking 9, for crying out loud. It's not like the Con Ed bill is going to come in his name. They wanted a school letter. But I really didn't feel like going to school and telling them "Um, I need a letter from you saying my kid goes here. For Food Stamps". So I took his health insurance bill. It's got my name and address on it, cuz it's billed to me, but his name is on it. I gave it to the Customer Service receptionist and not the actual caseworker. I hope they take it.

In addition, since I qualify for "expedited" FoodStamps (in less than a month--they say within 5 days but we'll see) I have to go way down to Canal Street to get my ID card. Cuz they won't mail it that fast. So I'm going there tomorrow. All this, mind you, for $87 a month. Oh, and what I had to show initially, in order to apply for Food Stamps?
  • My social security card - the actual card
  • The Sun's actual social security card
  • both of our actual birth certificates
  • Valid picture ID in order to be finger imaged--good thing I brought my passport. No, I don't have a driver's license. And yes, you must be finger imaged in order to receive Food Stamps.
  • A copy of my lease
  • My Con Ed Bill
  • They used to ask for a phone bill but they didn't this time
  • Since I get paid weekly, my last 4 pay stubs.
No, my ass got bailed out by Upstairs Neighbor, for which I am eternally grateful. She had offered for me and the Sun to move in with her... but as I told her the main consideration for not taking that offer is that it would mean I had given up on any chance of a sex life. Ever. And I'm not quite ready to throw in the towel on that.

I'm making light of the situation but it's only cuz what else can I say? Friends and neighbors like her are rare, and it means that I have to redouble and reapply to live up to her faith in me.

My conservations with the Fabulous are going well. I hope I don't scare him. We think alike as far as coming up with ideas and following each other's line of reasoning, and so when we're brainstorming ideas flow. Fast. Now we both just have to follow up... but I am beginning to explain to him that I'm obsessive and so I will stay on him. The deal is, he has to stay on me, too. So we'll see what happens. But he has a way of drawing these ideas out of me... maybe because we were taught the same way at Pratt. Dunno. But I woke up this morning feeling like ideas of ours could really blow up.

But then I crashed later when I realized he might just really think I'm nuts.

Thanksgiving will be at my apartment again this year, where we would normally rotate to the Professor's place. But I wanted to include Upstairs Neighbor. Last year this time Mr. Kip had just passed, and she was in no mood. This year she's a little better--actually much better--and I wanted for her to be with us and I wasn't sure she'd come with me to the Professor's.

That dinner is at my house means I'm the one to make the turkey. I picked up the (organic) 14-pounder from Bigbear tonight, and Uncly drove me, the turkey and the boys home. Turkey got marinated and is sitting breast-down in the fridge till Thursday... I'm going to make my famous turkey sausage stuffing, I'm ripping off Shark Fu's Corn Casserole, green beans and probably a cobbler. The Sun asked for Pumpkin Pie. Bigbear will bring the greens, and the Professor makes the Candied Yams and Mac & Cheese.

I'm trying to decide if I want to make anything else. So tomorrow will be spent running to a multitude of places... I guess I should go to bed.


professor said…
we need a bailout...the little rent just went up 97 dollars and I realized that it's exactly 50% of my monthly income...the college job may not come thru cause enrollment's I got to marry somebody quickly so they can pay half that rent...
Hell yeah we need a bailout. H is terrified they're going to downsize his department. I was hoping to get work at the University so I wouldn't have to pay childcare, and that's looking like a no go. We do pay half our income in rent, and our credit card debt is burying us. It sucks.

And we can't get foodstamps because we make 1,000 over the limit. We'll be fine as long as nothing breaks but it's scary times.
Lovebabz said…
Wishing you a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING!
we aint that important babe and happy thanks stealing

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