Just To Write

... I sit here in the few minutes before I have to wake my Sun.

Yesterday after writing I got my Sun up and dressed, and rode in with him and the Moon and Shoefly to the city.

And then afterwards I went to Brooklyn to meet up with JiminyCricket to work on our project. We actually got a lot accomplished, and I believe now it's going to happen. In a small portion of the larger dream, but at least we've done something concrete. For both of us, we need this to happen. He says he has trouble finishing things... I have trouble starting. So he started and I hounded him to finish and it looks like something will happen.

Being around him is incredibly easy and incredibly hard all at the same time...

But then for some reason he decided to follow me home. We went and picked up the boys. Like puppies they tumbled over each other, ran in different directions snapping at things, crisscrossed paths to snap at each other, ran ahead, dragged behind. All the way home. Egged on by Cricket's presence they outdid themselves in annoying me.

I made dinner, we ate. I had to repeat a million times for the Sun to get in the shower, to go to bed. He likes my friend.

So... it's morning. I actually got some sleep last night. Another deep fear? I hate sleeping alone... sometimes I'm afraid I will always sleep alone. I stay up until I pass out so that I don't notice the emptiness. It's nice when I don't have to do that.


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