My Sun is Back

His dad dropped him off about 9:00p or so last night... both in very good spirits.

I had tracked his flight across the U.S. via the airlines website... and as soon as the site indicated the plane had landed, I stalked him via Sprint's Family Locator.

Gotta love GPS technology. It's a little freaky but useful. This picture indicates the Sun's location... you'll notice that he's at the gate. Only when the Satellite took the picture, there was no plane at the gate.

The Beast though hard and crinkly, was reasonably tamed. Over the week SD texted me that he had washed and conditioned it, and that it came out nice. Shoefly, when I told her, gave me a 10 minute lecture on why I should make sure to braid his hair when he goes...summer before last it was she who helped me detangle the ball of hair that sat at the nape of his neck. And she's right... but somehow it hadn't worked out that I'd braided it, and my gut told me it was the right thing to do.

And I think it was... SD needed to make amends with the Beast. He needed to have the Sun trust him again. He needed to accept the existence of the Beast as something that's important to the Sun. And the Sun needed to forgive his dah for cutting it. Two of the Sun's bad memories with regard to his father center around The Beast... there needed to be a good one. And it seems as though there was...

I'm still a little scared to release the Beast from the three bands holding it in place, though. I may cough up money I really don't have and visit las hermanas Domicanas (is that right?) tomorrow. They tame the Beast better than anyone.

The Sun called me from the AirTrain on his way to the rental car place, requesting "paaaastaaaah!" for dinner. So I made him my version of Spaghetti Carbonara:
  • 5 - 6 strips beef bacon
  • 1 egg
  • whole wheat angel hair pasta
  • ground sea salt, ground pepper, basil, oregano, Adobo salt to suit
  • 2 cloves garlic, chopped.
  • About 1/4 virgin olive oil
Fry the bacon until crispy, drain, crumble and set aside. Don't discard the fat, but turn off the flame under the pan. Put the garlic in the fat and let it sit. In a separate bowl beat the egg adding all the seasonings. Boil the pasta last cuz Angel Hair only takes about 7 minutes. Drain pasta and let sit, putting the pasta pot back on the flame to dry out. Add olive oil and scoop the garlic from the bacon pan into the pasta pot. Turn off the flame under the pasta pot and dump the pasta, the egg and bacon into it, mixing rapidly with a pasta rake. Make sure the egg coats the pasta, and stir the egg up from the sides of the pot. Cover the pot and let sit a minute or two to make sure the egg has cooked. Serve with salad.

SD was quite pleasant when he came in; he had to unload some of the Sun's belongings from his suitcase. It startles me to see grey in his beard. He looks good though. Maturity suits him on so very many levels.

And then he was gone and my Sun belonged to me once more...

This afternoon he had his regular post-dah breakdown over wearing a warm jacket vs. a hoodie outside to play Nerfwar. I just hugged him. I told him I know it's hard to come back. He's glad to be home but I know it's a letdown from Cali, from video games, a different life, different parent. Rather than fight me he hugged me back and went on his way with the Moon.

I have to go get dressed now. I need to get some food in this house, using my $100 gift certificate.

And then later I'm going to blog about how I think I'm a racist...


Sista GP said…
Glad he's home safe.
RoadGrl said…
Welcome back Sun!
glad things went smoothly for all

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