I Hate Posting Sporadically

cuz I'm an all-or-nothing chick, so my natural inclination is to be so wrapped up in what I'm doing that I put off blogging.

But I'm trying to moderate myself, and besides I need to write. Keeps the voices at bay. But right now there's so much going on I can't really sit and think and write.

So, again, Random-Ish and Spaghetti-like, in no particular order:

  • This Violin thing... my kid's violin ensemble being asked to play in honor of Barack Obama's inauguration is out of control. It's definitely more than 15 minutes of fame. We're working on about 30 minutes, now. Kids have been on TV several times, people are starting to get under-cover testy about who was given "face time" or not (though I admit to keeping a running tally and while my kid hasn't gotten any "talk time" he's gotten considerable "face time" and I'll be a bragging mommy beeatch and agree with his father that it's cuz he's cute), folk are bogarting their way onto trips that they weren't really invited on, every time the poor kids rehearse there are cameras and reporters and microphones. It sounds bad but actually it's amusing, and since we parents get along great for the most part, most of what's going on can be giggled at. I'm giggling, at least. And I'm proud as hell of ALL those babies even if one or two of the parents I could really do without, and I am totally willing to pimp my child out to the cameras. Cuz I'm really hoping he'll get some kind of scholarship out of it. Or something. Us parents were joking they should get their SAG or ASCAP cards out of the deal, at least.

    But all jokes aside. It's really amazing. First off, that these little kids sound so good. Secondly, that Roberta believed in what she was doing and stayed in Harlem and gave music to these kids. Not because they are poor or underprivileged, cuz Harlem isn't what she used to be; the area is not as poor as it used to be. But Roberta has kept music education in NYC accessible to a wide range of folk, and for that I am grateful. And her kids in the ensemble (even the kids who just get violin in school and aren't in the ensemble) are some of the Sun's school's better performers academically, so she's really proof that music is necessary for the development of children.

    And the fact that our children were chosen to go to DC to honor our first brown President, well shit. Whoda thunk it? Certainly not me. Last year this time I doubted Obama would ever get this far.

    Here's their latest posted appearance:

  • So that "Miracle on the Hudson"...Wow. Although in NY we've been inundated with the story to the point of "JJJEEEEZZZ!!! We GET IT!", but still. I was watching the folks be rescued on TV, and I got shivers. It was so nice to see a good story, with a real hero for a change. But I can't help thinking how desperately America is looking for a hero right now. And I pray that they don't find anything bad out about Sully, cuz if they do the media will rip him to pieces.

  • This week is Passover for us. My little man was really upset that they had chocolate cinnamon buns at the TV Studio this morning and he couldn't have any. But I'm proud as hell that he has that kind of willpower.

  • We retrieved his phone from the Yonkers Bus Depot. Special shout-out to Towanna, who held the phone for us, and was pleasant and courteous on the phone. And all the other employees at the depot who were friendly and polite.

  • I've decided TomCat is a scrub and I was an idiot.

  • But the Fabulous is pretty freakin' cool. Just as a friend. And good friends are hard to find and should be cherished always, even if you never sleep with them.

  • We're going to DC!!!! How FUCKING cool is that! And while we can't confirm that the Obama's will be there, I find it interesting that the organizers are being extremely tight-lipped about who is coming... so ya just never know.
I'll have pictures and stories later. But right this second I have to go to bed. 5A wake-up call tomorrow...


professor said…
tomcat was a scrub as was sexychocolate...you're not an idiot...you found what you want, but not in the right body...now there were things in sexychocolate I really liked and I think I found it in the wiseman...you will find someone who has the qualities of tomcat without the BS...TC was a practice run...
I had no idea individuals could find their cellphone using GPS. How does one do that?
Land family said…
How proud you must be of your sun! And I love the zoom in on his face during the NBC clip. SO exciting and amazing!
The Bear Maiden said…
@KIT... you can be tracked with many cellphones which is why the Secret Service doesn't want the Big O to keep his Blackberry. In my case, my carrier has a service to locate your children. So basically I used that... knowing that since I had the child with me, the GPS would merely be tracking the phone.
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