Happy New Year... A Tad Late...

and just a quickie at that.

I had a bunionectomy the Monday before Christmas. Basically what that means is they shave the bump off your big toe, cut a cone out and straighten the toe out, holding it with a pin till everything "Sets".

Initially it didn't hurt much. Then it did. But mostly there's just weird feelings. Till I went for my one week check up on New Years Eve. Then I realized the pin is OUTSIDE my foot. And the doc wiggled my toe and I thought I'd pass out. In fact, once I got home, I did. My body went into shock and I slept for 5 hours or so, right on my couch.

Through it all... BigMan has been my constant companion. He has been better to me than I was to my own sister when the building fell on her and crushed her leg. He's the most amazingly patient human being I've ever met. And kind. And so I check my frustration and my complaints and I curb my annoyance. When the dust bunnies get on my nerves (because I'm sitting around and can see them) he vacuums. When the dishes get too high he does them. I guess it's true... love is patient.

We spent New Years quietly, sitting on the couch. We could have gone out... he got a late offer for a pick up to go to a party, but I had no energy. And I would have let him go if he really wanted to... but he stayed with me.

So, as rough as the year has been, I came out of it with BigMan, and I am thankful. I'm also very grateful that I could say "Happy New Year" to my Poppy. And BigBear has a new home--a real home. And I'm grateful that the Diva got her wits back and got a job... and the Professor got a new job. And MoodMagicBarbie is not quite so moody. And the ParentingPartner is a true parenting partner. And my Sun is the best kid in the world (though he very recently developed an amazingly smart-ass attitude).

I've learned some stuff this year... learned that snakes are always snakes and bullshit is bullshit and I've no patience for either. I've learned the meaning (again) of true friendship and sisterhood. And that I'm not going to waste my time on folk who don't value either of those things or disrespect them. I've been amazed again at my own resilience.

Now I just need--seriously need--to make some money and life will be quite alright.

P.S. I've spent the last week trying to finish old, overdue projects: this is one of them.

2010, here I come...

oh... and if you can, buy a calendar. I don't make much off of it, but every little bit helps...

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BigBear said…
Th angel is moving, she's lovely and of course i love that photo on the calender it's innocent and knowing fresh and ancient timeless and so much about the cusp of manhood, and what true intelligence lies in those beautiful eyes and potential and love.
Babz Rawls Ivy said…
Happy New Year! YOu seem to be starting off the New Year with a softness....love can do that.

Wishing you every happiness!

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