We Let The Beast Loose.

Most days, we keep The Beast tightly leashed. It looks like this:

For fun, we let it loose today.

Seriously. I've never seen a head of hair like that. Ever.


Job said…
soooooooooooooooo cool! you know I love hair! does it feel soft? coarse? have you tried not parting it in the middle when you let it loose?
The Bear Maiden said…
It's spongy and soft. And a *beautiful* warm brown color in the sunlight. In the summer he gets lighter streaks.
Regina said…
Way cool!!! Love the 2nd photo from the top (the first one of it loose!)
onesillymama said…
Wow, that is awesome. I love it! Thanks for posting these.
I have the EXACT same hair...its hilarious that you call it "the beast" beCUS beleive me I UNDERSTAND completely! :-)

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