Monday, April 9, 2007

Play-Doh Flowers on My Desk

When I'm bored or on the phone at work, I make flowers out of Play-Doh. This is my little collection. I took this with my beat-up Treo 600.


Donna said...

Hey from the midwest - I like your blog, Sun is getting so BIG... you should see the KS contingent, two little men with large ideas of what life should be. It's raining/sleeting right now... where is spring?! I can see why you're making playdoh flowers.
Dr D

The Bear Maiden said...

Hi, Dr. D! Thanks for the props :) I know your guys must be huge, living out there in the clean air and grain-fed beef :)

I don't know where spring is... if you find it could ya tell it I NEED it up here???