Hold On To Your Hat....

...it's gonna be a bumpy ride through the teenage years. My cute pleasant little boy is smelling his balls. The hair on his lip is unmistakable, and the hair on his face is coming in. His voice is deeper still. He likes being a bigboy but he's having trouble with the thought of a beard.

And he's not getting along with his father.

At all.

And his father doesn't help.

Now, granted, BD was never one to control his temper. It's really hard to have any sort of nuanced conversation with him. I always felt talking to him was like speaking to someone who doesn't speak English. But he is a good dad, dedicated to his kid.

But he doesn't get that Sun is having issues with privacy. He doesn't respect that. And BD is quick to throw accusations my way which doesn't help me want to deal with him.

And my kid's fast mouth is not helping his ass. And his 12 year old cockiness makes him think he can take on his dad and win. And he won't win.

Every parent goes through this. But not every parent is BD.

God help me.


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