I Miss Writing

...lately I miss it a lot. I poke around blogworld and it's interesting to see who writes, still. Most people, including me, like the interaction of FB or the shortness of Twitter. I haven't gotten into Twitter..... I think the people worth following are witty and I'm not that witty. I can be funny, but I'm not witty. I do have a "Tumblr". It took me a long while to get to Tumblr. But what I like about it is it's much easier to upload photos t it. And that's what I've been doing a lot of lately... cellphone snaps that I post to Tumblr.

But I miss organizing my thoughts and writing them out. It's just that by the time I get around to writing now, I'm exhausted.  And the mornings have not settled "in" yet, now that school is back in session. But I need to get back.

Have I got stories...


Regina said…
i am really enjoying your cellphone snaps... I am struggling with writing myself of late - and not even reading as much as I did - but your eye and your photos really catch so much.
Laurie said…
I'm also enjoying your cell phone snaps. A site you might enjoy: http://dcmetropeople.com/ - cell phone shots of poeple on the DC Metro.

Looking at pics of your Sun, I can't believe the boy/man is only 12 years old! Not only does he have a real moustache, but he's got a fuzzy face! Wow!

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